Families = The Future of Snowmobiling – Meet Case!

Families are future of snowmobiling

When I set out to create Snowmobaby, I knew there was a lot I didn’t know and could not do on my own.  I also knew that I would need to find a lot of great people to fill those knowledge and skill gaps. 

What I didn’t know is how a simple idea to create a brand based on the bright, whimsy and playful aspects of winter and snowmobiling would become a means to promoting the future of a sport I hold so dear. I also didn’t know it would lead me to connect with so many amazing people who share the same passion for the family aspect of snowmobiling.

Fast-forward 12 months.

As I head into our second winter season, I could not feel more grateful to have crossed paths with three snowmobiling families. These families applied to be social media “brand reps” and in just a few short weeks of being part of our team, are already so much more to me, my company and the future of snowmobiling. 

As part of the brand rep application process, I asked each family (mom :)) to share what snowmobiling means to them. Their stories gave me chills – no pun intended – and speak to the essence of what Snowmobaby is all about.

These families truly live the motto: A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together. I am so honored to share each of their stories in this and my next two posts.


Meet Case!

Case and his family hail from Detroit Lakes in northwestern Minnesota. He is 4-years-old and is already an avid 120 rider and huge fan of snowmobiling, which makes sense – it is a big part of his family life.

Case 120 Spring 2016

His mom, Marisa, has been riding since before she was born! Both her mom and dad were avid riders and active club members. Marisa’s parents started her out on a 1979 Kawasaki sled and her dad took her mountain riding in Island Park, Idaho as a pre-teen. She also spent many an evening with her dad at club meetings.  

Since becoming a mom, Marisa has fully embraced snowmobiling as a way of life for her family – in large part due to Case’s innate joy for snowmobiles.

Case has sensory processing disorder, which makes his senses either over or underactive. As a result, crowds, loud noises, certain foods, textures and other sensory experiences pose a challenge for Case.

But snowmobiles make him light up!

The loud rev of a snowmobile engine, wearing a tight-fitting helmet, being bundled to the max and waiting patiently to ride – all typical sensory triggers – are like medicine for Case, and his mom and dad.

“To Case, snowmobiling is his world. It’s all he talks about.”, says his mom. “If you ask him what he wants to do in life, he will tell you ‘work on snowmobiles’.”

{Insert huge heart emoji here, right?!?!}

As children do, Case has imparted many lessons to his parents.

He’s taught Marisa about patience. She took him to ten stores to try on 21 pair of boots before finding just the right pair for snowmobiling. Now that is dedication!

Case has also helped Marisa and his dad, Lance, to feel the unconditional love of the “snowmobiler type”.

You know the type.

From countless hours spent improving trails, to fundraising thousands of dollars through club events, to always stopping to help a fellow snowmobiler pull their sled out.

Snowmobilers are a special breed – the kind of folks that don’t question or give strange looks to a sweet little boy who wears noise cancelling ear muffs to snowmobile club meetings (let’s admit it – they can get quite loud for anyone!).

This unconditional love by and from snowmobilers led Case’s dad and grandpa to start creating vintage restored character sleds. They created the first one, based on Tow Mater from the Disney Movie “Cars”, when Case was almost three.

Case Dad and Grandpa with Snow Mater sled

The joy and excitement “Snow Mater” brought to Case, who was non-verbal at the time, inspired them to create more. They’ve since created a Minion and a Thomas the Train is in the works.

They take their character sleds to snowmobiling and community events around the Minnesota area, including Hay Days, to build awareness for the family aspect of snowmobiling. And for the pure joy they bring to every child who sees them.

Case and Mom with Minion and Mater sleds

Case and his parents, Marisa and Lance, truly embody a snowmobiling family. I am so grateful for their support for Snowmobaby, and more importantly, for the sport of snowmobiling.


Meet our other brand rep snowmobiling families in my next two forthcoming posts.

Are you a snowmobiling family? I’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Trails!

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