Customer Kudos & Comments

Thank you so much for creating your amazing products. My two year old is already trying hard to say snowmobile and I hope she grows up to enjoy the sport as much as you.

We received everything and we love it all!  We especially liked the squirrel riding the sled on the last page of the coloring book. My wife loves the fabric of the t-shirts and I think is still a bit surprised at how excited I was to shop for clothes! :) Finding a product that combines my kids, snowmobiles, and is made in USA is really an easy sell.

I look forward to seeing your product offering grow to help me keep my daughters enjoying the ride!

-Derek B., snowmobiling Dad from Michigan

Derek 2 year old in Snowmobaby


Hi Lisa!

I just recently purchased an organic Snowmobaby onesie from you. After I received it in the mail, along with the coloring book and hand written note from you, I felt compelled to reach out to you! I absolutely LOVE the onesie. One of my best girlfriends is pregnant right now with her first baby and her entire family are avid snowmobilers and have been for years. They have an awesome camp they ride from in Jackman, Maine which is most likely where the Snowmobaby onesie will be making its debut!

I stumbled across your website after going to Google searching for baby snowmobile attire; also needing to be organic per her request. When I was poking around your page I just fell in love with the personalization of your page. I felt like I got to know you after reading some of your blogs! I was so much happier making a purchase from a real snowmobiling mom who is doing something she loves. I know my friend is going to love this story once she receives the onesie at her shower.

I really appreciated the card that you added in with the package. It was just so nice to see a hand written note and know there really is a real person on the other side, doing what they love! So happy to be a part of this and will definitely be passing this on to the many families up here in Maine who love snowmobiling as much as you and your family!

Thanks again! Ride on!

-Kristin B., Lyman, Maine

 snowmobaby snowmobile onesie


Product Reviews & Mentions

We were very excited and grateful to be featured in the Hot Products section of the 2017 spring issue of American Snowmobiler Magazine! Check it out here:

American Snowmobiler magazine Snowmobaby review


Who wears Snowmobaby? Liv LaVallee! Daughter (and future rider/racer, I’d bet!) of Levi and Kristen LaVallee!

Liv LaVallee in Snowmobaby