Snowmobaby featured in American Snowmobiler Magazine Hot Products!

When I got the call that American Snowmobiler Magazine wanted to feature Snowmobaby in one of their upcoming issues, suffice to say I was psyched.  What an honor to be sought out by an industry-leading publication!  What was even cooler, I soon learned, is that AmSnow's editorial team of three has five future riders under the age of 5 between them! Turns out they were pretty psyched to discover my company, too!

AmSnow Hot Products

Although originally planned for an in-season issue, it is also so cool that we ended up in the issue that highlights the snowmobile industry's first introduction of new youth sleds in years. This couldn't fit more perfectly with our "Raising Riders" mission to help snowmobile-loving parents get their kids (the future of the sport) involved and excited about snowmobiling at a very young age. Sometimes the stars align!

Many thanks to Emily and the entire AmSnow team for sharing our story!

Happy Trails - and spring!


AmSnow spring edition AmSnow Hot Products page 54


Lisa Krug


Lisa Krug


Lisa Krug


Lisa Krug


Lisa Krug

Thanks for the post, Lisa! And for letting our little sledders try out Snowmobaby gear! We love it!

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